In today’s hyper-competitive, fast-changing world, it has become increasingly difficult to connect with consumers. To stand out through the thousands of messages that we are inundated with every day, your offerings and messaging must be finely tuned and perfectly aligned with what your target market truly values. Peerless Analytics provides impactful insights based on customer-centric data that will dramatically increase your lead conversion, sales, customer retention, and return on investment. The key to boosting your sales and marketing efforts is agile, actionable intelligence based on the “Why” - the motivators that will drive consumers to act today – whether that’s making a first time purchase, remaining a loyal customer or becoming an advocate for you.

Our approach: We start by identifying the key influencers for your target market – the spectrum of benefits and features of your offering that are considered by a prospective customer. We then quantify customer preference and attribute influence from mindset data that we gain from the people that matter most, your target market. Our deliverables include a detailed analysis that quantifies the impact of each target market influencer as well as the distinct mindset segments within your desired market. Our science enables your marketing and sales teams to connect with your customers based on meaningful data that objectively quantifies what your customers value most, as well as the specific messaging and marketing collateral that will really resonate.



Peerless Analytics boasts a comprehensive portfolio of analytic solutions that provide insightful and strategic guidance to grow your business. We apply a roadmap approach to our analytic support, and appreciate the importance of really understanding your objectives, goals and challenges. This vision alignment enables us to employ the optimal combination of analytic solutions to ensure you achieve success. We help our clients in five key areas:

  1. Customer data mining
  2. Marketing analytics
  3. Segmentation (value, behavioral, and attitudinal)
  4. Predictive modeling
  5. Reporting and interpretation

Since our analytic products are solutions-based, every analysis, model, and segmentation is actionable. Whether it’s a customer engagement strategy, data capture recommendations, or a scoring algorithm, Peerless Analytics takes that last crucial step of transforming initiatives into tactical and strategic action plans.

Mike Aponte, Co-founder and President

Mike is responsible for the research and development of the science that drives Peerless' approach to quantifying customer preference and motivation. As one of the former leaders of the MIT Card Counting Team featured in the bestselling book, Bringing Down The House, and the major motion picture, 21, Mike brings a unique background and skill set to the Peerless team. Mike studied economics at MIT before gaining extensive experience in analytics during his professional card counting career. After having become one of the most infamous blackjack players in the world, Mike became a sought after speaker and business consultant, helping companies optimize their operations.

Jennifer Huffert, Vice President Client Services and Operations

Jennifer is responsible for account management, program implementation, client services, business development, philanthropy and overall coordination of the high quality services of Peerless Analytics. Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Education and her experience spans the higher education industry in publishing, research and educational software, the entertainment industry (music and creative), and consulting in various industries.

Brian Mahoney, Co-founder and Advisor

Brian has spent twenty years as an entrepreneur and executive, starting and building internet companies. He founded Peerless Analytics with the mission of improving customer outcomes by turning data into actionable intelligence to drive sales growth through powerfully predictive, easy-to-use tools. He is responsible for the vision and operation of the company, and works to ensure that Peerless delivers the best outcomes for customers through outstanding products and service. Brian is a graduate of Lafayette College (BA Psychology) and St. Joseph’s University (MBA Marketing).

Eran Goren, Advisor

Eran Goren has held several senior executive positions in his career, leading the startup and development of many successful companies. He combines experience and leadership in direct marketing and analytics with a deep understanding of how technology is changing the way businesses acquire, retain, and service customers.

Eran is currently President of U.S. Interactive Media, responsible for its overall strategy, vision, and aggressive growth (recently acquired by U.S. International Media). Prior to U.S. Interactive he was CEO and Founder of sourceOut, later acquired by Red McCombs Media at which point he served as President of the Performance division and managed the integration of both companies. Before sourceOut he directed the sales team for iVenturi, a software company spun-off by Dow Chemical and Andersen Consulting. He has also served as VP of Business Development at Ontero, a Web Portal provider, Director of Sales at LapJack Systems, a data security application, and developed and managed projects among some of the largest financial firms such as Salomon Smith Barney and Providian Financial.


From Higher Education to automotive to entertainment, our mission is to deliver
true actionable intelligence in real time to enable our clients to make exponential
gains in their marketing, sales, and retention efforts.

"The team at Peerless Analytics offer a very hands-on, high-touch approach to their partner schools in helping them reach their objectives. The team provided exceptional service, was very responsive to our needs, and was a pleasure to work with as a partner."

John O’Sullivan
Vice President of Marketing
Dorsey Schools

"Wow. That’s about all I can say. ….. Thanks for exceeding our wildest expectations."

David Jesse
Every Generation Ministries

"We’re so excited to see real personas that are backed up by scientific research and designed to paint a picture of our students’ needs. This is something we have been trying to achieve for a few years! The team is excited to put the personas to the test."

Sara Dellecave
Director, Lifecycle Marketing & Student Outcomes
Penn Foster